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Bob Saget  

Another television icon has passed away! We are featuring some interesting facts about one of our favorite TV dads and comedians - Bob Saget. It shows how truly funny he was...R.I.P Bob! 

He credited "Full House" for changing his entire life - In an interview with Argus Leader, he explained that he felt like Full House gave him an iconic reputation — similar to any of the cast members from Friends or Seinfeld, and for that he was forever grateful! He was also a father to three girls in real life! 

He started doing comedy when he was 17 years old - "I started my comedy when I was 17, and I had wild jokes from the start. In fact, my first joke was, 'I have the brain of a German shepherd and the body of a 16-year-old boy. They are in my car. Do you want to see them?'" he said in an interview.​ 

Bob said in an interview ​"I was working 80 hours a week between Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos. I was going nuts. I felt like I was funny, but didn’t feel funny on the shows. But then I just went, 'Shut up. It’s like the giving tree. You’re lucky, and this is a good job,'" he told Daily Northwestern in 2006.

He never tasted the Greek Yogurt John Stamos advertised - “I've never tasted Stamos' yogurt before in my life, but I bet it’s delicious, 'cause he's really very proud of it. It’s always dripping out of his mouth," he once told Maxim in an interview.

In a testimonial shared by his former Philadelphia high school, Bob said: “I can say that she is one of the greatest influences in my life so far." He explained that the teacher was the first person to suggest that instead of going to medical school, he take up comedy instead.

The key to success in show business according to Bob Saget was to not make fame the number one goal. He urged aspiring comedians and actors to stick to their craft, and believed the fame will come naturally.