Think Tank Trivia

No Cheating Policy

​1. No cell phones can be out at the table while game cards are in play. You may use your cell phones during intermissions and only when your game card has been turned in to your trivia host. 

2. No use of smart watches while game cards are in play. You may choose to not wear your smart watch on trivia night or just like your cell phones, please put them away! 

3. Do not leave your table while the game card is in play. This is to make sure teams are not sneaking away to google answers. There is time before, during intermissions, and after the game to move about the cabin. If you have to step away from the table to go outside or use the restroom, you cannot rejoin your team until the game card has been turned in. Any other circumstances, please see your trivia host. 

If the trivia host has warned you, you may continue to play, however your points will not count. Let's have a fun and fair game out there!!

Know Your Trivia Week of 11/27/23

TRIVIA TEAMS!! On your trivia night, your host will ask one question under our "Know Your Trivia" category in Round 5. The Know Your Trivia topic changes every week so log on to our website or check us out on Facebook! Study up to increase your chances of winning!! 


Everyone who has ever sewn has a tomato pin cushion! So why was a tomato used? Well, according to folklore, people once thought the tomato was a symbol of good fortune and prosperity so when people moved into a new home they placed a tomato on the mantle. Sime tomatoes are only seasonal, the people would create them from fabric and fill them with leaves and things from the outdoors. 

During the same era, ladies did all the sewing for their families and their hand needles were very important, so they placed their important hand needle in their fabric "good luck" tomato and the tomato pin cushion was born! The tomato may not bring prosperity and good fortune, but it definitely has nostalgia.