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Know Your Trivia!

Round 5 of our nightly trivia game features a question from this Know Your Trivia topic. Study up! 

​​​​​​Know Your Trivia for Week of 7/26/21

We're hiring! If you have played our game and would like to host a Think Tank Trivia night at one of our current locations or up and coming locations, please contact We are in need of full time hosts and fill in hosts. We prefer applicants that are already familiar with our format. Looking forward to hearing from you! Now here's the Know Your Trivia! 

Know Your Cuban Revolution 

July 26, 1953 - The beginning of Fidel Castro's revolutionary "26th of July Movement." In 1959, Castro led the rebellion that drove out dictator Fulgencio Batista. Although he once declared that Cuba would never again be ruled by a dictator, Castro's government became a Communist dictatorship.